How It works

Transparency is a critical feature for security tools. We want you to understand how MSJ Guardian works to help build your trust.


We send a verification email to you when you signup. When the validation link is submitted, we accept that you have access to the domain, and we queue your first report.

Step 1 - The Website Scan

The first step in the scan is to identify your website. For example, if you sign up as, the system will make a web request to and attempt to find the website that you direct users to. This final site is often, or in our case, but not always. Guardian then identifies if your site uses HTTPS and HTTP.

From there, the system queues several jobs to be processed to scan your site.

Step 2 - The Host Scan

The second step is to identify hosts that have addresses on your domain. Host identification runs DNS queries against a list of common hostnames plus your domain name. For example, we look if exists.

We queue additional jobs to run against the identified hosts.

Step 3 - The Other Jobs

There are now several additional jobs. Each one has a different task. Examples of functions are below.

And the list keeps growing as our toolset expands.

Step 4 - Complete the scan

When all jobs have run, we mark the report as complete and notify you via email.

Step 5 - Answer your support emails

The output can be confusing. We're here to answer questions and help you improve while your questions also help us improve.